I get it…

Talking to your spouse about money can be stressful…

Do not worry any more, I am here to help!

Start Talking

Read my top tips on how you can promote a safe place for you to talk to your spouse about money.

Become Debt Free

Let me cheer you on as you strive to be debt free.

Set money goals

Tips on how you can make and reach those money goals. Your future self will thank you!

Blogging wife and mum

Bob and I were married for 18 years before we got on the same financial page. I clearly remember times when I just wanted to talk to someone and understand why I had such a reluctant and overwhelmed spouse when it came to talking about and dealing with money. So now, my passion is to help and support others, who long to know practical steps on what they can do to be on the same financial page as their spouse.

Learn from our mistakes and let me help you:

talk about money

become debt free

build wealth

This website is under renovation! I aim to give it an overhaul in April so please do keep coming back to find our what’s new! Here are my plans so far:

To post a new blog on the first Friday of every month

To create a Facebook group where we can join others who have reluctant spouses and share what’s going well.

To create some freebies to share with you!

If you have any questions or ideas of how I can support you with a reluctant / overwhelmed spouse, please do email me and let me know! June@moneyandmarriage.net

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