It’s Not About The Money

It’s Not About The Money

Last month, I noticed on Twitter that Catherine Morgan was getting excited as she was receiving early reviews for her new book. Being the cheeky person I am, I asked her if I could read the draft copy and write a review for it too! To my amazement, Catherine got back to me and said, “Yes!”. Please note that although I have received a free copy of the draft, all thoughts and comments are my own. 

Catherine Morgan

Catherine Morgan is a multi-award winning qualified Financial Planner who is on a mission to reduce financial anxiety and increase financial empowerment in women.

In her first book, ‘It’s Not About the Money’, Catherine explores the relationship that we have with money. It’s not what we should be doing or how we should manage our money, but rather digging deep, looking at our emotions, where those thoughts and feelings come from, and this all builds a picture on how we feel about money.

The way we treat money is a mirror reflection of how we treat ourselves.

Catherine Morgan

Financial Conflict

For those of you who read this blog regularly, will know that Bob (my husband), is very reluctant / overwhelmed when I bring up the subject of money (read more here). Now, I am keen to stress that this book is not about how to deal with overwhelmed spouses but as I was reading Step 2, I was able to think about financial conflict and navigating money in our relationship.  It was great to read that it’s normal to have tough, awkward conversations with your partner. OK, not good that we have those tough, awkward conversations but good to hear that it’s normal and there are others like me who are trying our best to win with money and marriage! 

Reading this book, really gave me an insight to where both of our beliefs and feelings have come from. Taking time to think and reflect about money from his viewpoint was a real game changer for me. My hope is, that now that I am more aware of where he is coming from, I will be able to be a more supportive and encouraging wife!


Throughout the book there are quizzes that you can take to help you understand yourself and your relationship with money better. I highly recommend that you jump in here and take the time to complete the quizzes. If you buy this book, then you need to appreciate that it’s not a quick read but a book, that has the possibility to change your life. If you take the time to read this book and read it well, then his book can help you to accept where you are right now in your financial journey and how to make the right steps to become a wealthy woman. 


In summary, this is a book that takes you through practical steps to empower you to win with money. If you are serious about winning with money, then this book is for you! 

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