Borrowed Future – A review

Borrowed Future – A review

Ramsey Solutions has released its first documentary and it’s POWERFUL.

I watched it by myself yesterday and I though it was so good that I got the family together to that they could watch it too!

We all know that student loans are out there and they are considered ‘normal’. I know that in both the UK and the US, you can take out student loans, however, I didn’t realize that the student loans in the US can be crippling and the aftermath of what can happen after college is frightening. This films clearly shows the possible impact of taking out the loans and the implications on life after you leave school.

At times this movie was rather depressing, it did show the dark side of taking out student loans. BUT it also clearly showed that, as a student, you have options, you don’t need to take out student loans, you don’t fall to the pressure, there are other options.

David James Wilson was a rockstar and his hard work and entrepreneurship paid off. He was willing to go the extra mile for scholarships too and these are worth exploring.

Whilst watching Borrow Future with our twelve year old daughter, she was able to ask some great questions. In her own words she said, “It was actually good”. Praise indeed from a pre-teen!

There is no such thing as good debt. If you can save, work hard, apply for as many scholarships as you can, you can get through school without borrowing a dime.

In summary, if you have a family no matter how young, you need to watch this.

Thank you Dave Ramsey and Ramsey Solutions for creating a documentary that will inspire and motivate students to say no to a borrowed future.

If you have watched Borrowed Future, I would love to know what you thought of it. Please do leave your comments below.

If you haven’t watched it then click here and watch it now!

Thanks and God bless,

June xxx

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