Camping is a great, affordable family holiday! 

Camping is a great, affordable family holiday! 

Camping is a great way to get off the grid and spend time with your family! I love it when we aren’t all glued to screens but are outside, active, and creating fun memoires together.

As a child, I have fun memories of camping with my family. We spent time in the New Forest and in Pembrokeshire. As an adult, I recall camping with friends and hiking in the Lake District. 

Now, as a family, we live in Kenya and camping is one of the best ways to visit the National Parks without the price tag of the five-star hotels! We have calculated that one night in a hotel (although most lovely if you can afford it!), we can camp for five nights.

In today’s blog, I would like to share with you why we enjoy camping and share some of our top tips!


No tech allowed

We have just been camping in the Mara Triangle with friends and our pre-teen daughter did not ask for her device once. It was full on quality time together. Going on safari, spotting animals, and star gazing late into the night. 

Thinking for themselves

It was also great to see the small group of children / pre-teens, help with pitching their tents, being responsible for carrying their water bottles, building campfires and washing up! 

Top tips

My top tips for a successful camping holiday are as follows:

  • Purchase the right tent & perhaps trial it in your back yard before you go away! 
  • Do your research and pick the right campsite.
  • Invite friends along. Our daughter loves camping with other families as she loves to have her friends around! 
  • Plan and share the food preparation. We always precook the main meal of the day, let it defrost and when we get there, we just need to warm it through and cook the rice / potatoes! 
  • Stock up on snacks, the fresh air always makes us hungry! 
  • Take a football, always a great way for the children, and perhaps some energetic adults, to run around and perhaps meet some new friends! 
  • Remember to pack plenty of torches with spare batteries. 
  • Always prepare and take a first aid kit – just in case!
  • Don’t forget the matches for the camp fire!
  • Take sunscreen, hats and water bottles. 

But most important of all, take your positive mindset, switch off from work and make wonderful memories with your friends and family! 


In summary, camping can be a great, fun, family experience, but it is what you make it. If you are going to sit on your device all day, then you won’t be creating any fun memories! Leave your tech at home!

If you have any memories or top tips to share, please do leave them in the comments box below. I look forward to reading them!

Thanks and God bless, 

June xxx

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