Credit Card 1 = clear!

Credit Card 1 = clear!

Monday 26th July 2021

Today is pay day – always a good day! As we both work for the same school, we get paid the same day, which is great.

Completely unplanned and unscheduled, we both sat down at the dining room table and got the laptops out. Moments later, we had reviewed the budget that we completed last week and cleared Credit Card 1. I was happy, I think Bob was too but he didn’t really show it.

Sometimes, I do wonder what’s going on in that head of his. Due to the tablets that he’s on for his depression, he never really shows emotion. Never gets excited about things. Never gets worried about things either. Perhaps that’s half my battle. If you have any top tips for my, please do share them below.

Thanks and God bless,

June xxx

3 thoughts on “Credit Card 1 = clear!

  1. I’m sure Bob can be excited too. Maybe you 2 can discuss how you feel as you pay these debt down. If you want to know how he feels ask. I like your blog ,first time reading it. Good luck.

    1. Hi Flo, good news, I asked Bob if he was excited about being debt free and he said yes… but he also added that he gets excited about other things too eg boats and planes and cars etc!

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