Budget Breakfast

Budget Breakfast

Thursday 22ndJuly 2021

This morning, I took the family out for a light breakfast (coffee and pastry). It was a great opportunity to discuss our budget as a family. I had suggested this on Wednesday, so it wasn’t a surprise to either of them. 

It was great! Bob had a good look at the ‘Every Dollar App’ and inputted some of the data. Better still, when he when shopping later that day – he kept to the list and paid cash! I was totally expecting him to return with beer and wine! This may sound like a small thing to you, but this is huge for us. 

Later on we briefly talked about how July – August is the worst month EVER to start a budget. We are all on holiday and want to do exciting things like go whale watching and on boat trips. We also need to go to the dentist and have haircuts. If we managed the budget well this month, the rest of the year should be pretty easy!

Also, just to keep you in the loop, I have downloaded the audio book ‘The Total Money Makeover’ but as yet, I haven’t heard Bob listening to it! 

As always, please do leave your positive comments and words of encouragement below!


June xx

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