Grandpa’s Fortune Fables – a book review

Grandpa’s Fortune Fables – a book review

This children’s book aims to teach children about money in a fun way! The author, Will Rainy, founder of Blue Tree Savings, has a clear passion to teach children about money and he does it very well in this new book. 

The idea behind this book is simple, by thinking of money like seeds, the stories teach children about money. It’s not just the basics either, the book goes into debt, gambling, tax, strategy and more! 

After every chapter there is a discussion point and I know that these are going to be valuable discussion points for parents as they talk to their children about money. 

I also enjoyed ‘Grandpa’s Mystery Code’, what a great idea! 

Will Rainey has done a great job with the characters. Gail is the main character. She is thirteen years old and granddaughter of one of the wealthiest people in the country. In the book, she teaches her new friend, Boris, how to earn, save and grow his money.

Part Three – The Three Rules of Wealth was my favourite part of the book. It reminded me that, even as an adult, I need to be patient – something I don’t always find easy! 

One of grandpa’s favourite sayings: To grow a forest, you don’t need to be smart you need to be patient.

P127 Grandpa’s Fortune Fables

Children around eight years old could read this book independently. However, I think I would like to read the book with my child. I would want to take advantage of the discussion points and allow the opportunity for my child to ask any questions and clear up any misconceptions that they may have. 


In summary, I do hope that many parents will purchase this book for their children.  As parents, I feel that we need to take this opportunity to talk to and teach our children valuable lessons about money. As money isn’t currently in the National Curriculum for primary schools in the UK, parents need all the help and support that they can get to teach their children about personal finance. 

Thank you Will for a great book!