How can you stay motivated in Baby Step 2?

How can you stay motivated in Baby Step 2?

You can do this!

Getting out of debt can take a long time! How can you stay motivated in Baby Step 2? We’ve only been on this journey a few months (read more HERE) and I am bored! I want things to move faster! I have dreams and I want to get in BS4, 5 and 6 like yesterday!

If you are not sure what Dave Ramey’s Baby Steps are, then click HERE!

When I am having a bad day and get frustrated that things aren’t moving as fast as I’d like (you know, I am sad that we haven’t won the lottery and we’re in BS4, 5 and 6 overnight!), I need to remember a few things. These things help me and so I wanted to share them with you in the hope that they will help you too!

Remember your why.

I have pictures around the house of our why: pictures of Disneyworld Florida, the family and our dream home. It’s good to have those around the house to remind us all of our why.

Review the budget often!

This is a great excuse to have a date night with your spouse. This really helps me to visualize how well we’re doing. I also really enjoy coloring in goal charts, these can be homemade or downloaded from many websites. Now goal charts aren’t my husbands thing but it helps me!


We love to dream! I dream loads and even today, I was dreaming about going out for lunch every Sunday after Church, then I thought we could take friends with us and treat them too! One of our favorite family questions is, “If money was no object, then where we will be in five years time?”.

Have some fun!

Until recently, I didn’t realize that we were able to have fun whilst in BS2. Thankfully, we are now able to set aside a few dollars a month to have some fun. We may rent a family movie or go out for coffee / milkshake as a treat. This is also a great way to celebrate small steps and keep us focused.

Don’t compare yourselves to others.

Isn’t this the hardest? Everyone around us SEEMS to have a ton of money: they go away almost every weekend, have the latest gadgets, buy new cars and so on and so on. I have now stopped looking at Facebook etc because everyone seems to have everything and I was finding that comparing myself to others was just getting me down. Don’t get me wrong, I wish all the best for my friends and family but I need to stay focused and not get tempted to go out and buy the latest gadget!

Have some cheerleaders!

Now this is an area where we aren’t doing so good. I think it’s a British thing, we are very guarded on who we share our personal financial information with. I guess that’s why I started this blog: to encourage others and to also to get some encouragement too. So please do leave a positive comment and let me know how you stay encouraged in BS2!

Thanks and God bless.

June xx

4 thoughts on “How can you stay motivated in Baby Step 2?

  1. June MoneyandMarriage we celebrated a long the way. We set goals of 4 or 6 months to pay off the debt and when it was accomplished we would go out to dinner at our famous restaurant. It was hard took us over 3 years to finish. This year we felt we wouldn’t finish being so close since we have two kids in college and we where paying their tuition. So we re doing baby step 2 and five. Now we are working in baby step 3 and 5 hopefully we can complete baby step 3 before 3 years.

    1. You are inspiring! Thank you for sharing your story with us! I think we will need to treat ourselves along the way too, just to keep us focused and motivated! Thanks for sharing your top tip!

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