Meaningful Academy – Financial Foundations

Meaningful Academy – Financial Foundations

Back in September I was super excited to receive an email from Pete Matthew, founder of Meaningful Academy, gifting me a Foundations Level membership of Meaningful Academy.

As many of you may know, my husband Bob, is most reluctant when it comes to talking about money. He grew up in a home where money wasn’t talked about, plus he suffers from depression, so feels that he’s not worthy of money. It also doesn’t help that he’s a spender (Apple / tech geek = no money EVER!) and he is also very generous – see my previous blog

I had been looking at the Foundations Level membership of Meaningful Academy for about a year. I thought it might be a good way for Bob and I to engage and talk about money, and help us to be on the same page. So, back in August, I cheekily asked Pete if he would gift us a membership. Imagine my surprise when he said, “Yes!”. I was so excited.

Reluctant Spouse

Now, when you have a reluctant spouse, you really can’t push these things. I knew that Bob had to agree to watch the modules when he was ready, especially when the first module is entitled, “The Money Mindset”.

Module One: The Money Mindset

So last night, we finally set down to watching the first module. Questions about your past, where we are financially and where we would like to be were all great. At first Bob was rather quiet but he did open up more as we went along.

We talked about buying things that are not on the shopping list, habitual spending and triggers. It was very timely as we’re about to complete an Amazon order to arrive here in time for Christmas (we live in Kenya), so we were able to talk about what we need rather than what we want!

It was an interesting evening and Bob shared his frustration about his job. He feels annoyed that he has to pay for all his resources, even though he can’t do his job without them. Welcome to full time Christian ministry.

When talking about how can we get to where we want to be – it was easy: we just need 6 to 12 months of nothing going wrong and we’d be fine. Trouble is that I doubt there’s never going to be more than a month of nothing going wrong. For example, it was only last week that a truck hit our car and the insurance company refuse to pay the full amount so we’re another £1000 down.

Emergency Fund

We need to ensure that we’re spending more than we earn and with the leftovers, build an emergency fund. It sounds so easy but when you’re a spender like Bob, it doesn’t come naturally.

Pete did a great job in the videos and I especially remember the part where he said that no one is judging you. Even though Bob found that hard to hear, I think he needed to hear it.

Amazingly, at the beginning of the module, Bob said he’d watch three of the videos.. and we watched all six. Even more surprisingly, at the end he said that we should should watch ‘Module Two: The Life Buffer Emergency Fund’ tomorrow.


So, in summary, Module One was excellent and I can highly recommend it. It was tough to sit through with someone who really doesn’t like talking about money, but good conversations were had and I feel that now we can start to make a plan, get out of debt and start building wealth.

Here’s a link to the Meaningful Academy website, please do check it out!

A big thank you to Pete Matthew, I appreciate you and all that you do and I am looking forward to Module Two… watch this space for another review very soon!

Thanks and God bless,

June xx

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