Reviewing the budget

Reviewing the budget

Friday 6dAugust 2021

I listened to a great episode from today – the guest speaker was Jesse Mecham, the creator of You Need A Budget. The episode is entitled: Master These Four Rules of Budgeting To Start Winning With Money. 

Jesse was super and said that the reluctant spouse was probably overwhelmed, and I think that makes total sense. I will remember that! Thanks Jesse! 

In the meantime, we need to review the budget as this week it’s not gone well. I did speak to Bob and as I opened the laptop, he cried,”No, let’s not talk budget on a Friday night.”

Fair play, I thought and made a mental note to give Bob more time to mentally prepare before we talk budgets again! 

So as you know, we are currently on holiday. The budget has gone completely out of the window. I was really impressed with the family yesterday as we were offered a sunset cruise for just over $100 and when I suggested it, the family said a firm no, so that’s good news.

I have also discovered that whales are in the area and we can go on a whale watching trip. The trouble is that there are only three of us and the boat wants a minim of 6 people or will take us for $600. Now, we are prepared to pay $100 each but no more than that. We are asking friends if they would like to come with us but I am not holding my breath. I have also asked the guy if we can join another trip but he’s not being very helpful in that regard. It’s a shame as I would like to take our daughter whale watching as she’s really into wildlife conservation. I guess this is what being on a budget is all about. I do feel sad about missing out but we just don’t have the cash.

While writing this blog, my daughter just came out and we discussed the whale watching trip situation. I asked her if we should just put the trip on the credit card. She replied, “Are you stupid? What would Dave Ramsey say?” I guess that solves the problem!

If you have any top tips on budgeting, please do leave them in the comments section below.

Thanks, and God bless, 

June xx

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