Save money at Disney World!

Save money at Disney World!

We have just had the most AMAZING vacation at Disney World Florida! We have had a sinking fund to save for this trip for FOUR YEARS! Read all about how much I love sinking funds HERE!

I knew Disney was going to be expensive, that’s why we saved for so long. However, the price of the food was extortionate. So, I wanted to share a few of my top tips on how you can save money at Disney World.

Take snacks and drinks with you!

Stock up on healthy, fresh fruit snacks before you go! One orange costs $2.29, an apple $2.29, a banana $2.29! Just think how many oranges, apples and bananas you can buy for $2.29 at your grocery store!

One water costs $3.50. I know that you can buy 35 bottles of water for less than that at my local store.

A cereal bar is $2.99. I believe that you can purchase a large box of 36 bars for much less than that.

So, be prepared to take food and drinks in with you!

Order food to your Disney accommodation

A Disney Cast Member informed me, via the My Disney Experience App (click HERE for more details), that I could receive parcels FREE OF CHARGE to our Disney accommodation. This, sadly, was incorrect. Because we live in Kenya, we ordered a few items to arrive at the hotel while we were there. Sadly, we were charged $6 handling fee for EACH item. I was not impressed. What the Cast Member should have told me was that food items can be delivered to your accommodation and Disney will not charge a fee. However, if you would like it delivered to your room it will incur a $6 delivery charge. I am still not sure why the parcels from Esty, Amazon and the like were charged $6 EACH, but there we go. a lesson learnt and I hope that reading this saves you some cash!

Share your meals

Many meals at Disney are huge and my daughter and I would often share a meal. This saved us so much money and food wastage! The servers were great and didn’t mind at all. Restaurants where we shared included: The Boathouse (Disney Springs), Beaches and Cream (Disney’s Beach Club Resort) and Mama Melrose’s Ristorante Italiano (Hollywood Studios).

Places where meals weren’t so large and we needed a portion each included Typhoon Tilly’s (Typhoon Lagoon Water Park), Woody’s Lunch Box (Hollywood Studios) and Space 220 (Epcot).

Stay in a value hotel

Although we would have loved to have stayed in a deluxe hotel at Disney, we knew that those prices were totally over our budget. We stayed at Art of Animation and we loved it. We had a Little Mermaid room which was good enough for our trip. There was a little fridge and a coffee machine. Please note that there was no kettle.

The Skyliner was great! We were able to hop on and off so easily and get to Epcot, Hollywood Studios and the Riviera Resort in no time at all!

We did love The Little Mermaid rooms at Art of Animation, however, in hindsight, we should have looked into a moderate resort which featured a full kitchen. This would have given us the option to make packed lunches for ourselves and have the choice to make evening meals for ourselves too. This could have saved us some money on eating out. I would need to investigate the cost difference between resorts to do the math, however, it’s something for you to think about.

Please do check out my husband’s YouTube video on Art of Animation HERE.

A random top tip!

Take a face cloth and get it wet, place it in a zip lock bag and pop it in your fridge overnight. Before you leave, pop some ice (free from the ice machine) into the zip lock bag. This face cloth will be so cold and refreshing when you are standing in a long line in the heat later on!

Another top tip!

Book your trip with a Disney Travel Agent.

We booked with Jamie Thomas, who is an expert in Disney Travel. She was AMAZING and was able to help me in so many ways. I would highly recommend a Disney Travel agent as they are so knowledgable and can save you time, money and stress when booking your Disney vacation. Check out Jame Thomas on YouTube HERE.


In summary, these are just a few top tips on how to save money at Disney. Please do leave your top tips for saving money at Disney in the comments below.

Thanks and God bless,

June xx

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