The budget has gone a little bit wrong!

The budget has gone a little bit wrong!

Tuesday 3rdAugust 2021

Yesterday was our 18thwedding anniversary. Sadly, because we’re new to this budget business, we didn’t budget for our celebrations, and I am feeling very bad about the money that we spent.

As we’re at the coast, Bob really wanted to go out on a boat $150 and then I said it would be fun to go out for a meal too. Foolishly, I chose an expensive hotel to go to – what was I thinking? We just rocked up and it was a buffet, before we knew it, the waiter was taking our drink order, we were given the menu, but it had no price on it! What a nightmare! We were all looking at each other and all thinking the same thing… how do we get out of this? Anyway, we found out that the buffet was $39 each – which is more than we wanted to spend but Bob said it would be ok, so we stayed! We had a lovely meal, and it was fun to be in such a posh hotel! 

However, I did wake up early this morning worrying about it. So today, I made a point of speaking to the family and said that we all need to be accountable to each other. Someone should have pulled me up on the idea to go to a posh hotel. What was I thinking?

On Facebook today, I asked for some top tips on budgeting – we are new to this, and I know it’s not going to be perfect every month. I need to give both myself and the family some grace. The top tips included: plan the budget together, try different budgets and try to include everything in the planning eg birthdays, school supplies, anniversary’s etc. Someone did say that after a year it would be so much easier as we will have the year to look back on! 

If you have any top tips on budgeting, please do leave them in the comments section below.

Thanks and God bless, 

June xx

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