The car needs fixing AGAIN!

The car needs fixing AGAIN!

Tuesday 10thAugust 2021

Why is it when you think you’re beginning to win with money, that something else needs fixing with the car.

We bought a secondhand car from a garage just a couple of months ago. The garage came highly recommended from several friends. To be honest, we’re not impressed. It’s now been in the garage four times, costing us $100s. Thankfully we have savings but goodness, this car has wiped out most of our savings account. Today, we were driving along, and Bob felt that something was wrong with the steering. So, he’s taken it to the garage, and they are going to work on it tomorrow. It could cost $150 or it could cost a whole lot more. 

This is so boring! I am keen to sell the car as soon as possible and start again but Bob wants to keep the car for at least a year. He thinks that we will get the car fully road worthy and we’ll be good. What would you do?

As always, please leave your positive comments, top tips and words of encouragement below. I need some cheerleaders!

Thanks, and God bless,

June xxx

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