Tips for Saving Energy this Winter

Tips for Saving Energy this Winter

Winter is on the way and energy bills are increasing. If you are concerned about your energy bill this winter, then check out my top tips below to conserve both energy and heat. 

Wear warm sweaters and socks

It sounds silly but for goodness sake don’t wear shorts and t-shirts and set the thermostat high! Find the lowest temperature that that you are comfortable with wearing warm jumpers and socks, then set your thermostat to that temperature. 

Set your thermostat to the new, lower temperature

Just by setting your thermostat to a few degrees lower, you can save yourself lots of money in long-term savings. 

Close doors and curtains and make your own draft excluder

Never underestimate the savings that can be made by drawing your curtains. A recent study by University of Salford, states that drawing the curtains at dusk can reduce heat loss by 15 – 17%. 

Another top tip is to close the doors of adjoining rooms: there’s no need to heat empty rooms! 

Draught- proofing

If you live in an old house, then you are probably losing heat through draughts around doors and windows and chimneys too! Hire in a professional or DIY draft proofing can be much cheaper! 

Insulate your loft

I always remember when my dad showed me all the houses in the street that hadn’t insulated their loft. It had been snowing and the snow on the roofs of some houses stayed for much longer than others… a sure sign that they had had their lofts insulated. It was amazing to thing of all that heat oozing out of the top of the house!

Make use of oven heat

When we used to live in our little Victorian house when we were first married, I used to leave the oven door open after I had been cooking and it didn’t take long for the cosy kitchen to warm up! 

Get solar panels on your roof

We currently have solar panels on our roof but they only heat the water, however, even that has been a major saving for us. If you are staying in your home for a few years, then I believe that solar paneling in something definitely worth investing in. 

Use a washing line

Use a washing line

I am always amazed at how many people use their dryer when the sun is shining! Hang your washing outside and avoid using the tumble drier, yes I know it takes time to hang washing on the line, but you can save 100% of the dryer costs when you hang your washing outside!

Talking of washing…

Always wash a full load of laundry. Your washing machine will use the same amount of energy as half a load so why waste energy!

Wash your clothes in cold water

Did you know that switching from hot to cold water could save you money?

Not home?

Then switch off the lights and unplug any electronics that aren’t being used, including the Christmas tree lights!

Switch to LEDs

Did you know that you can now get LED spotlights that are bright enough to replace halogen and regular energy saving bulbs AND they will save you money!

If you have any top tips on how to save energy (and therefore money) in your home, then please do share in the comment box below!


June xx

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