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My mission is to help couples talk about money - without arguing! 

And it starts with you!

Are you...

Anxious when it comes to talking about money with your partner?

struggling to understand where your money goes?

worried about your current financial situation?

tried of arguing about money with your spouse?

living paycheck to paycheck?

Want to talk to your spouse about money - without arguing?

Have a budget and stick to it?

Create money goals and crush them as a team?

Spend less than you earn?

Save for that holiday you've always dreamed of and pay CASH?

Do you...


Hello, I'm Karen 

My husband and I made a lot of mistakes when we first got married...

Just a few years ago I was just like you... no communication with my spouse about our personal finances, I was stressed about our money situation and we were living pay cheque to pay cheque. 

I thought everyone was able to manage their finances except us! 

That's when I decided to do a few things that made our finances improve drastically! 

Believe it or not- I've been in your shoes! Question is...

Are you ready to wear mine?

Here's why I am good fit to be your financial coach:

Empathy and relatability: We have been £££ in debt and struggled with financial challenges. I can relate to your struggles on a personal level. 

Practical knowledge: Personal finance is a hands-on experience, and I have personally dealt with financial challenges.
Creative problem-solving: I have had to manage our finances without formal training and have developed solutions to common financial problems. 

Passion and enthusiasm: I have personally overcome financial struggles and I am passionate and enthusiastic about helping others do the same. 

My personal experience can provide valuable insights, practical knowledge, and a relatable approach that can help you achieve your financial goals.

Sweet words from clients 

Gen has been coaching me for some time now and I cannot believe how much I've already learned!
Considering the fact that I know nothing about tech, her patience and guidence has finally given me the courage to go on.

She's an absolute pleasure to work with!

-Teresa M.

Sweet words from clients 

When watching her videos and looking through her downloadables, I felt as if it was a friend talking to a friend. While she kept professional, she was able to crack some jokes here and there. It made me feel more comfortable taking in the content she was offering. I didn't feel as if she was talking down to me. Rather, it was a "Hey, look at this cool trick I found! It made my life easier, and I hope it can do the same for you!"

I can't wait for what else there is to come!

-kaylin b.

-eli v.

Gen finally helped me monetize my blog. She taught and created a simple framework for me to follow. When she says that she will "accelerate" your blog- the girl truly means it. 
This was the most professional experience I've ever had. I've seen other blogging coaches and courses and NOTHING compares to what Gen provides. 


Sweet words from clients 

What's my job as a financial coach?


step one


step two


step 3

You've had your 'Aha' moment and you know that you need to get on the same financial page as your spouse. You may feel overwhelmed. I can help you talk to each other - without arguing.

With my help, you will learn your money story and why you feel the way you do about money. You will also learn your spouse's money story and will understand why they feel they way that they do about money. 

As your financial coach, I will help you think about your past, understand the present and look to the future.
By the end of the coaching programme, you will be able to talk to your spouse about money - without arguing and work TOGETHER to CRUSH your money goals.  

Ready to get started?

 yes, I am!


Are you ready to get started on your journey to financial freedom?

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