Celebrate the small wins!

Celebrate the small wins!

It’s so easy to beat yourself up because you’re not where you want to be BUT remember to celebrate the small wins!

While walking this morning, I was thinking how far we have come in the past nine months. This time last year, my husband and I were on two completely separate financial pages. Last August, Bob listened to The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey, and recently, he has also listened to The Meaningful Money Handbook by Pete Matthew. Now they are both huge for someone who is totally overwhelmed when it comes to thinking and talking about money.

Celebrate every single success.


While we do still have room for improvement here, this budget situation is 100% better than last year.

At least now, we both know the total debt situation. We can see the big picture, and, all being we will be debt free in April 2023. We are finally spending less than we earn. This is huge and definitely worth celebrating!

Sinking Funds

We love sinking funds! Sinking funds have really helped us to think about what’s coming up and to plan accordingly. Previously, Christmas spending always came out of November’s pay check, now we are able to save all year round and that has really helped. Click HERE for top tips on how to save money at Christmas. This is something else to celebrate!


In summary, when you are feeling low and you are struggling to reach your ultimate goal, remember how far you have come. You are not where you want to be but you are on the way. Clearing debt can be hard. Read how to stay motivated in Baby Step 2 HERE. Think of little, manageable goals that you can achieve in the new few weeks and remember to celebrate the small wins. And finally, remember that from small acorns mighty oak trees grow. You’ve got this!

If you have any small wins (or big wins for that matter!), please do share in the comments below. Tell us how you are going to celebrate!

Much love,

June xxx

2 thoughts on “Celebrate the small wins!

  1. Many thanks for a fantastic post this really inspires me to reach out, talk and learn , but to remember whatever small steps I make
    in clearing debt each penny I save is a penny off my debt.

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