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Affordable Ideas for October Half Term

October Half Term is here, and although you may be on a tight budget, there’s no need to worry! I’ve got you covered with these affordable ideas to keep your children entertained without breaking the bank.

Get ready for October Half Term filled with fun, adventure, and quality family time!

Embark on a Literary Journey

My number one tip for an affordable October Half Term, is head over to your local library and discover a world of books that your children can borrow for FREE! Go online and find the opening times of your local library and you may even be able to subscribe to Borrow Box. BorrowBox is your library in one app. You can borrow eBooks and eAudiobooks free from your library using the BorrowBox app. Pop into your local library and find out more today!

Affordable ideas for October Half Term

Nature Escapades

This half term, enjoy the beautiful autumnal colours by visiting your nearby local parks and open spaces. Gather some friends, pack a picnic, and enjoy a day of outdoor fun while the kids burn off their energy playing games.

Geocaching Excitement

Experience the thrill of geocaching, a modern-day treasure hunt! Use a GPS-enabled device or smartphone app to find hidden caches in outdoor locations. It’s an adventurous and free activity that the whole family will love.

Museums Unleashed

Take advantage of the UK’s free entry to museums and delve into the world of history, science, and art. The school holidays are the perfect time to explore the fascinating exhibits and learn something new.

Savvy Dining

Discover restaurants and eateries where kids can eat for FREE or just ¬£1. It’s a great way to enjoy a meal out without burning a hole in your pocket.

Garden Wonderland

If it’s not too cold and you have a garden, make the most of it! Host a Teddy Bear’s Picnic for your children and their friends, and let their imaginations run wild as they build dens and enjoy time outdoors.

Seaside Fun

If you’re lucky enough to live near the coast, spend a day at the beach this October Half Term. Pack some essentials like food and drink and enjoy long walks along the beach.

Home Cinema Magic

Create your own movie theatre experience at home. Gather cozy pillows, blankets, and beanbags, and have a film afternoon with your favorite movies. Don’t forget the popcorn for the ultimate cinema feel!

Old-School Gaming

Step away from screens and dive into classic board games. Invite friends over for a non-device morning and discover new games while fostering social interactions and healthy competition.

Charity Shop Bargains

Spend some time over the October Half Term, exploring your local charity shop for fantastic deals on books and toys. You can even involve your children by encouraging them to tidy up their rooms and sell unwanted items. The money earned can be donated or used for more budget-friendly adventures.

Make Autumn Play Dough

When our daughter was younger, making our own play dough was always a hit. Especially on those colder days! Check out my YouTube video Let’s Make Autumn Play Dough .

Homemade play dough is so cheap compared with shop bought. Plus, if you keep the play dough in an airtight container, in the fridge, it lasts for months.


Remember, it’s equally important to manage your spending during the half term. Discuss your budget with your children, so they understand the financial limits and learn to make thoughtful choices. Challenge yourselves to have “Free” days, where you enjoy activities that don’t require any spending.

So, embrace the half term with these exciting and affordable ideas that will create lasting memories without putting a strain on your wallet. Happy thrifty adventures! 

Finally, if you need any assistance with managing your finances or dealing with debt, check out my free resources on my FREEBIES page to help you on the road to financial freedom.

And, as always, please do reach out to me on Instagram , I would love to hear from you!

  1. Such a great list. We are currently on a little outing. To the charity shops & having a cheap coffee & snack! It doesn’t have to be expensive to have fun.

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